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Listen/purchase: Winged and Wounded by Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons has the swag of back-to-basics acoustic Devendra Banhart Pre-Cripple Crow. It will make you nostalgic for that 2005 indie music era. However it will also make you deeply thankful we have this beautiful rich acoustic album by Swim Lessons to fill that shaky-vocal freak folk void.

You can follow us on bandcamp to view our entire collection of hidden gems:

I promise im not

I promise im not

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For some reason getting stoned and binge watching The X-files seems like the best date idea ever

Why do I suddenly want to pour tequila into this can of mandarin oranges?


Pleistocene Mural by William Stout for the San Diego Zoo.

Note that only the first picture is finished, the rest are some of the WIPs Mr. Stout posted in his journal (see the link above), where he wrote 30 entries about the making of this mural. The final artwork has this level of detail. Again, check the first link for more pictures and information.

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So I decided to just upload them instead of being an insecure little bitch about it

My god you are fucking beautiful

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The meme will die but the spirit of doge lives forever


Who knows, maybe